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officecandidate(s)/partylocal votespercentwon(locally)
Bristol MayorEllen Zoppo-Sassu(Democrat)7,43359.535Won
Ken Cockayne(Republican)5,05240.465
TreasurerThomas Barnes Jr(Republican)6,88355.846Won
Mike Buguslawski Sr(Democrat)5,44244.154
Council District 1Gregory Robert Hahn(Democrat)2,47726.351Won
Joshua Medeiros(Democrat)2,46226.191Won
Anthony D'Amato(Republican)2,28924.351
Eric Carlson(Republican)2,17223.106
Council District 2David Preleski(Democrat)2,75832.566Won
Peter B. Kelley(Democrat)2,64431.220Won
Andrew Howe(Republican)1,67619.790
Jodi Zils Gagne(Republican)1,39116.425
Council District 3Mary Fortier(Democrat)1,89628.434Won
David Mills(Republican)1,79726.950Won
Brittany Lynne Barney(Democrat)1,52922.930
Cheryl Thibeault(Republican)1,44621.686
Board of Assessment AppealsThomas Ragaini(Democrat)6,61527.453
Shirley A Salvatore(Democrat)6,40026.560
Mary Alford(Republican)5,84424.253
Stacy Raymond(Republican)5,23721.734
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