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Obituaries For Sunday, 23 Jul 2017 to Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017
Please Note:
All Obit Listings before 04/04/2017, have been deleted by Bristol Press

.. Lunn, Donald Mann(15) Press

.. Thomas, John S.(66) Press
.. Bondeson, Russell Carl(51) Press

.. Salis, Antonietta(51) Press
.. Hill, Barbara Jean(64) Press

.. Ledger, William Angus(83) Press

.. Wojtusik Sr., John Francis(94) Press
.. Saraceno, Kirsten(72) Press
.. O'Connor, Bryan T.(84) Press

.. Dickau, Donna Marie(Schissler)(108) Press

.. Lincoln, Ruth Ann(89) Press
.. Dumais, Elizabeth(Brown)(87) Press

.. Wall, Gerhardt(51) Press
.. Virello, Ricky J.(76) Press
.. Benedetto, Robert T.(63) Press

.. O'Rourke, Arline Anne(Aube)(54) Press
.. Leone, Mary B.(Wilson)(77) Press
.. Gagnon Jr., Neil(78) Press
.. Boutot, Anthony Gerald(71) Press

.. Bernier, Patty Ann(120) Press

.. Szpyt, Zofia(Zagrabelna)(41) Press
.. Drummond, Robert Edward(49) Press
.. Boynton, Lucille(Pagani)(38) Press

.. Barber, Alma(Simoneau)(66) Press

.. Sirois, Philip A.(75) Press

.. Tambling, Stephen J.(53) Press
.. Perry, Blaine M.(47) Press
.. Bekstrom, Astrid Olga(52) Press

.. Nixon Gebo, L. Joyce(Prouty)(50) Press
.. Canfield Sr., William E.(74) Press
.. Brennan, Edith(Mahoney)(51) Press

.. Briere, Mary Jane(Vaillancourt)(71) Press
.. Blais, Gaetane D.(72) Press

.. Brenner, Donald David(106) Press

.. Reaves, Wilhelmina(Wentland)(88) Press
.. Booker, Gary A.(75) Press

.. Jacquette, Frank(76) Press

.. Sejerman, Thomas(63) Press
.. Brellis, Andrew Joseph(77) Press

.. Perron Sr., Robert E.(79) Press
.. Papile, Dorothy Forrest(46) Press

.. Przygocki, Catherine(Griswold)(98) Press

.. Wishinski, Eleanor(54) Press
.. Ward, Milton Frank(55) Press
.. Shepard, Barbara L.(Machuga)(74) Press
.. Rasmus, John(69) Press
.. Koper, Hubertina Frances(43) Press
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